Real Estate Law

The attorneys at Arkoosh Law Offices have a wealth of experience representing buyers, sellers, and lenders in all aspects of real property law. This includes the purchase and sale of real property (commercial, residential, investment, and agricultural), landlord and tenant matters, agricultural zoning concerns, fence disputes, and easement and land use disputes involving real property. We assist in transactions dealing with all types of real estate interests, involving anything from single sites to multiple properties in complex transactions. We represent both commercial and individual clients in transactions that deal with real property, including purchase and sale, construction, mortgages and foreclosures, leases, evictions, rental habitability, zoning, quiet title actions, and other litigation.

Purchase and sale agreements do not always go seamlessly as a buyer or seller may anticipate. Arkoosh Law Offices can draft and/or review your contract to ensure there are terms to protect your best interest in the transaction. This can be as simple as advising a client which party may terminate the agreement, to drafting a purchase and sale agreement that meets the client’s needs in a particular sale or purchase. 

Construction of a new home or commercial property is no small feat and Arkoosh Law Offices understands the complexity of the process and the many trades and labors involved. We can help you navigate this process through review of a general contractor contract, your rights under Idaho law, and ensuring the construction meets a workmanlike standard, all important aspects to the successful completion of your new home or commercial property.  

Landlord and Tenant matters vary between drafting leases, seeking reimbursement for property damage, habitability issues, return of security deposits, and eviction. Particularly with evictions, there are very short court deadlines, and these can quickly escalate, sometimes within three days. The same is true for rental habitability issues that do not provide a renter accessibility to basic living conditions. Furthermore, if the matter contains a mobile home, different statutory codes apply to the situation. The attorneys at Arkoosh Law Offices can help you determine what is best for your situation and ensure these deadlines are met, within the correct purview of Idaho Code. 

Zoning matters start with the city and county zoning boards where the property is located. Arkoosh Law Offices has experience in appearing before local zoning boards. We can help determine the process in seeking a reclassification of a zoning code or what use a zoning code allows. Furthermore, these boards are required to provide certain public notice if a change impacts a surrounding community, with an opportunity to support or oppose such changes. Let us help you determine the next best steps in meeting city or county code for your business, or to reduce the impact on your community. 

Quiet title actions are a litigation process to resolve an issue with real property through the adjustment of the title to the real property. This process can help settle disagreements between neighbors on ownership of land, create or remove an easement, or clarify the title on real property.