White-Collar Crime

Arkoosh Law Offices’ white collar crime attorneys focus on clients that have been charged with a non-violent crime related to their businesses or financial operations. White collar crime is often associated with financial, economic or corporate crime, or crimes committed through the course of an individual’s business. White collar crimes can be charged as federal offenses, Idaho state offenses or both, and often lead to severe punishments, including jail or prison sentences and fines.

Individuals who are prosecuted for white collar crimes may not be aware they were involved in an illegal operation, or they were not the person responsible for organizing the crime ring or enterprise. The accusations of criminal activities can involve evidence such as complex accounting records or internet records, bank records, computer records and other financial evidence. Law enforcement puts great effort and time into untangling these types of crimes in order to pursue a conviction. Regardless of the reason you were charged with a white collar criminal offense, it is important to hire the experienced attorneys at Arkoosh Law Offices to help you develop your best defense to the allegations against you.

We have powerful resources you will need in order to fully investigate the case and seek out areas of opportunity to support your defense, including computer experts, forensic accountants, and other respected experts.  This firm is committed to aggressively defending you and seeking any possible advantage in your case.